Scientists warn of human eye infection due to worm larvae


Parasitology Service of the National Center for Microbiology of the Carlos III Institute of Health (CNM-ISCIII) in an investigation in which they dealt with an unusual case of Ocular thylacosisIt is an underdiagnosed and emerging zoonotic disease caused by worm larvae, specifically by the parasite “Thelazia callipaeda” 81-year-old woman In Spain.

These worm larvae sometimes cause eye infections in animals, humans, and It is transmitted by flies The larvae are deposited in the host conjunctiva.

Itchy eyes, tears and conjunctivitis

Ocular thalassemia causes symptoms such as itching, tearing, conjunctivitis and photophobia, Something that can get worse if not diagnosed and treated in time and can lead to corneal ulcers, so spotting them early can be key.

These caterpillars It is common to find it in animals Such as dogs, cats or mice, and its transmission to humans, although rare, occurs through vectors such as flies.

The study, published in the American Journal of Ophthalmology Case Reports, is an example of diseases around the world that are not receiving due attention.

The study analyzes an 81-year-old woman

An 81-year-old woman attended Emergency cases at the Prince of Asturias Hospital in Madrid. She had had eye redness and tears for more than a week and claimed she did not get better after taking prescribed antibiotics and corticosteroids.

Vital microscopy showed signs Bilateral conjunctivitis and mucous secretions. In addition, they found Two geliform wormss in the superior tarsal conjunctiva in the left eye, which was once removed and sent to the National Center for Microbiology for study.

Tests confirmed positive for ‘Thelazia callipaeda’ and the woman claimed she had been in contact with p.Bugs infected with these eye worms.

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