WSAVA will promote the health and well-being of pets and people globally


WSAVA highlights the importance of veterinary medicine in supporting the companion animal’s bond with humans and promoting the health benefits of interaction with pets.

For this reason, they have reached a new agreement with the Human Animal Association Research Institute, which has such The aim is to promote the science of the human-animal bond and the positive role of the veterinary profession in animal welfare and human well-being.

“Veterinarians are uniquely positioned as trusted resources for pet owners who are more attuned to their pet’s health needs than ever before,” he says. Stephen FeldmanHead of HABRI. “HABRI is proud to join WSAVA Helping veterinarians communicate with their clients and exchange scientific information On the relationship between man and animals.

Shane Ryan, the former president of WSAVA, adds: “Caring for a companion animal provides benefits not only to the animal alone in terms of your health and wellness needs; It can have many positive benefits for the owner. This mutually beneficial relationship, with a common lifestyle and environment, forms the basis of the human-animal bond.

The partnership with HABRI WSAVA will help provide veterinarians around the world with more resources to ensure that veterinarians continue to play an essential role in maintaining this connection.

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