Sembrar Con-Ciencia political movement developed in Las Tunas

Sembrar Con-Ciencia political movement developed in Las Tunas

Las Tunisia. – Participants of the Sembrar Con-Ciencia political movement will attend more than 1,500 food producers from 78 production bases and 20 communities, which will take place from 25-30 April in the eight municipalities of Las Tunas.

This was stated in a press conference given by Gerardo Gonzalez Quesada, Head of Science and Development Department of the Regional Delegation of the Ministry of Agriculture, who indicated that the primary goal is to achieve a greater understanding of the 63 measures adopted in Cuba in order to increase agricultural production.

This is not a random process, he said, but aims to assess how the local diet is implemented in each region to promote sustainable production of nutritious and healthy food for all.

University students from various disciplines and agricultural polytechnics, specialists from municipal agriculture delegations, experts in sector activities and other factors participate in the conference.

Each one is identified with a cap and jacket bearing a questionnaire with one hundred questions and an equal number of answers, as well as the Food Sovereignty and Nutrition Education Bill and other documents of great value for exchange with producers.

A brief workshop is planned for the thirtieth day in which the main trends will be evaluated and the parameters of producers who, through the proper management of their land, collect cereals, tubers, fruits, vegetables, meat, milk and other elements will be presented. .

About a year ago, the Cuban government approved a package of 63 measures to boost food production, mainly related to water and electricity services, marketing, strengthening agricultural banks, crop insurance and production sequencing.


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