Sergio Diaz graduated from Nursing in Internal Medicine and Intensive Care – El Sol de Durango

Sergio Diaz graduated from Nursing in Internal Medicine and Intensive Care – El Sol de Durango

One of the most exciting moments in our lives, without a doubt, is when we graduate, especially in some specialties, as it was for our nursing graduate, Sergio Diaz Leyva, who recently received his internship letter, through a graduation ceremony, to complete the nursing specialization in Internal Medicine and Intensive Care (EEMyT. I.) successfully

Sergio is part of the generation of students graduating from the College of Nursing and Obstetrics of the University of Juarez, Durango State (UJED), so the directors and professors of said educational institution, in addition to awarding Sergio with his Certificate of Completion, also received a well-deserved recognition of Outstanding Student.

Accompanying him in this very important act in Sergio’s life was his proud wife, Gabriela Rivas Rodriguez, as well as his beloved parents and siblings, who congratulated him profusely on achieving yet another achievement in his career, and those that followed, so they kept him going forever.

It should be noted that the graduation took place in the lecture hall of the College of Nursing and Midwifery, where the aforementioned graduation ceremony for the 2021-2022 generation was held.

It is also worth noting that the happy graduate completed his professional practice at a university hospital in Mexico City, where he is widely accepted.

At the end of the ceremony, a reception was held in honor of the happy graduate, which was held in a central restaurant in the city, where Sergio received wide congratulations from his parents, brothers and some of his friends who wished him a happy life. .

Those present at the event enthusiastically congratulated the nursing graduate, not only for completing this valuable specialty, but also for being an excellent student and worker in his field.

In addition, the happy Sergio shared a moment of joy and happiness, for such a pleasant event in his life, as he is expecting his first-born.

The happy professional actually prepares his way to begin what he has learned in the best way, protected by the affection of his loved ones, close family, and other relatives and friends, who gladly congratulate him on this important achievement.

Congratulations and many congratulations to Sergio! Let the successes follow.

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