Served with herbs, remedies and non-artificial foods in Tlanipantla

Served with herbs, remedies and non-artificial foods in Tlanipantla

Natural products and herbal medicinenon-industrial foods, Treatments and massages are applied by specialists from DIF Tlalnepantla To heal and strengthen the health of people of all ages, more than two years after the pandemic.

Tony Rodriguez and Alternative Medicine

sMunicipal resident Marco Antonio Rodriguez Hurtadoopened Convoy of traditional and alternative medicine used by the DIF system in Tlanipantla It brings residents closer and will continue until next Sunday, May 1, in the Town Hall.

accompanied by DIF President Maria Gomez Martinezthe mayor highlighted the importance of mAlternative ways that have their origin in the earth Which contributes to improving health, especially after two years of the pandemic in which COVID-19 affected the lives of families.

Young and old for alternative medicine in Tlanipantla
Young and old for alternative medicine in Tlanipantla

«Alternative medicine has always been a part of our livesthen in Our families and the elderly have promoted its use in the face of various ailments “Today we need defenses and strengthen our physique, using them is a viable option,” said Rodriguez Hurtado.

I remember it with Public Health Act Reforms It is recognized that allopathic, homeopathic and herbal medicines are an optionwhich has also been approved by World Health Organization (WHO) Which has a policy in traditional and complementary medicine.

Mayor Tony Rodriguez and DIF Martinez Head in Alternative Therapy
Mayor Tony Rodriguez and DIF President Maria Gomez Martinez in alternative therapy

Health Director, Linda Herrera, He said that for the DIF municipality one of its priorities is to ensure the well-being of the people, thus alternative approaches are encouraged and promoted.

Connie Velasquez, Caravan DirectorI mentioned that during Three days from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm.Natural products, herbal medicines, non-artificial foods, treatments, massages and various workshops will be introduced to the residents to learn more about traditional medicine.

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