Shakira and Pique meet in the United States to discuss custody of their children

Shakira and Pique meet in the United States to discuss custody of their children

It’s been almost two months since then Break announced Shakira and Pique after 11 years of relationship after the footballer was unfaithful to the singer, unleashing chaos between them and in the media.

For a while there was silence and little was known about the relationship or separation other than rumors about who or with whom the women Gerrard had an affair. issue Or the possibility of dating Shakira Chris Evans s Henry Cavill.

But nothing is further from reality: in the midst of all the turmoil we find a sad and melancholy Pique listening to Shakira’s old songs in his car and without answering a single question from the press about it, Shakira packs his bags in a hurry to leave Barcelona and Head to Miami.

But there’s a bigger problem than wanting to lose your ex: your kids. was the couple Fighting for custody From the moment of separation, which is Shakira’s desire to take her children to Miami, but Pique flatly refused this.

Even the Colombian would have offered the millionaire’s pact to the culé, which he would have rejected at first. Which is that the Blaugrana player does not want to separate from his children either, but they have to come to an agreement.

Discussion of custody in the United States

More recently, Shakira and Pique They met in the United States With their lawyers trying to mediate, one thing is clear: the constant harassment of Barcelona paparazzi is something their children suffer from and neither of them want it for their children.

That is why it is rumored that the player may accept that Sasha and Milan went with their mother to Miami, after Shakira claimed “toTo the media pressure experienced by young children“And the same after the football player’s betrayals, according to reports Informally.

In addition, Pique is in the United States on a tour with FC Barcelona, ​​and rumors have also been heard that the player is considering Be part of the Inter Miami team Being closer to their children, although at the moment it is all just speculation and no one has confirmed anything.

On August 4, they will meet again with their lawyer reach a final custody agreement, And find out if Shakira, finally, achieved her goal of moving to Miami with her young ones, or, on the contrary, they should remain in Barcelona with their father. Although one thing is clear, that with Pique’s history, Shakira is playing everything to his advantage.

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