Extreme heat emergency in cities of the northeastern United States | world | Dr..

Extreme heat emergency in cities of the northeastern United States |  world |  Dr..

Authorities warned of a severe heat wave that affected tens of millions of Americans this Saturday (2022,707), with record temperatures in the center and northeast, which could lead to “violent weather events.”

The National Weather Service (NWS) announced: “Extreme heat will continue in the central United States and spread to the Northeast this weekend, with numerous records expected today (Saturday) and Sunday across the region.”

The study added that higher temperatures would increase the risk of “extreme weather events” such as hail, winds and hurricanes in the upper Midwest.

The central and northeastern regions of California are the hardest hit by the temperature extremes, which are not expected to peak until Sunday at the earliest, and health authorities have been sent on alert.

Too hot

“From the south of the plains to the east, (the heat) will feel a great injustice,” the ministry added on Saturday night.

Urban areas in the central US, such as Dallas and Oklahoma City, were expected to reach highs of more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit (above 38 degrees Celsius) for at least five days.

A heat emergency has been declared in every city on the Northeast Coast, from Boston to Philadelphia to Washington.

Even the normally cold Pacific Northwest won’t survive the far-reaching heat, with the area expected to experience several 90-degree days in the next week.

Already high temperatures have led to an increase in emergency calls for heat-related illnesses.

Severe temperatures in Washington and New York

Particularly intense heat was felt in Washington, D.C., with temperatures hovering near 100°F (37-38°C) bar.

New York was not spared, with temperatures approaching 35 degrees Celsius. The temperature could also reach 43 degrees Celsius in parts of Utah (west), Arizona (south), and the northeast, according to the NWS.

In Boston, whose Mayor Michelle Wu declared a “thermal emergency” with municipal cooling areas and swimming pools open for longer, the thermometer is expected to reach 37 degrees on Sunday.

Several heat waves occurred in 2022 around the world, such as July in Western Europe and India in March and April. According to scientists, the increase in their numbers is a clear sign of climate change.

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