Mexico and the United States return another group of Cuban immigrants

Mexico and the United States return another group of Cuban immigrants
This content was published on Jul 23, 2022 – 16:25

Havana, July 23 (EFE). Mexico and the United States have returned a new batch of illegal immigrants to Cuba, bringing the number of returns to 4,361 so far this year, including the Bahamas and the Cayman Islands.

The Cuban Ministry of the Interior (Minent) reported that Mexico had returned 49 undocumented Cubans and that the number had risen to 1,459 so far.

Meanwhile, the US Coast Guard returned 47 irregular migrants in Operation 55 of this year, for a total of 2,640 Cuban citizens who returned in this way, according to the source.

Immigration authorities on the island indicated that the largest number of returning migrants to the Caribbean country corresponds to the United States.

In recent months, the flow of illegal Cuban immigrants seeking to enter the neighboring country by sea or following various routes through various Central American countries such as Nicaragua, Panama and Honduras has increased.

The US Department of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) reported that from last October to July 6, 157,339 Cubans arrived in that region by road.

This number exceeds the largest exodus of Cubans to date, in 1980, when 125,000 people left through the port of Mariel in just 7 months.

The Cuban government demands that Washington comply with bilateral immigration agreements, under which the United States must grant 20,000 visas annually.

Havana maintains that this figure has not been implemented for four consecutive years.

He also blames Washington for stimulating irregular immigration by granting “privileges” to Cubans trying to enter that region, notably because of the entry into force of the 1966 Cuban Adaptation Act.

This regulation allows Cubans to apply for permanent residence in the United States after one year and one day of being in that country. EFE

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