Shipyard: “Who’s in the Lies”, a disproportionate practice and without press authority


Mexico City (Abro). – Journalist Julio Hernandez-López, “Astillero,” said the federal government’s section called Who’s Who in Lies of the Week, is a “disproportionate exercise, without foundation and without corresponding press authority.”

He even summoned the head of the department being presented Wednesday at the morning conference, Ana Elizabeth Garcia Felches, who last week called the “shipyard” allegations against Seamarnat’s president, Maria Luisa Albores Gonzalez, “false.” The process of declaring a protected natural area in the Sierra de San Miguelito in the state of San Luis Potosi, to provide a public apology.

“If this is not the case, I will continue legal proceedings at the national level and before the national and international bodies of the union so that the straight, honest and critical journalistic practice is not stigmatized and defamed,” warned the journalist for the newspaper Guillermo Prieto. Chamber of De Palacio National.

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