Slovenia, the United States and Spain will play a tournament in Malaga

Slovenia, the United States and Spain will play a tournament in Malaga

Members Basketball in Malaga This summer could see one of the biggest events on an international level. As I learned View of Malagaand, in the absence of official confirmation, Slovenia’s Luka Doncic, USA and Spain will play Alberto Diaz and Sergio Scarillo on August 11, 12 and 13 in Malaga. Tournament marking the centenary of the Spanish Basketball Federation (FEB).

The Foundation headed by Jorge Garbajosa will present the events on Wednesday (6:00 pm) in which Junta de Andalucía will participate, which will be a founding partner of the famous anniversary. Initially, La Cartuga was going to be the venue for this tournament, but due to a series of logistical and economic issues, Martín Carpena was the winger chosen to bring together the stars of world basketball.

Luka Doncic with the Slovenian national team. fiba

So The last two European champions -Spain, also world champion, and Slovenia- W Olympic champion – USA – will meet in Malaga in what could be a nice preview of the World Cups in Japan, the Philippines and Indonesia, which will take place on August 25.

Other than what may happen since then, the truth is that Malaga fans will be able to experience one of the best basketball performances in living memory. Will the stars come? Luka DoncicFaithful to every appointment with his team, is the most certain date. As for the United States, Stephen Curry? LeBron James? Kevin Durant? Jason Tatum? Devin Booker? Damian Lillard? Countless players from Steve Kerr’s squad can be highlighted from the stands, usually seen on television.

The United States, the last Olympic champion. fiba

However, they will all face Spain. Sergio Scarillo’s team led Alberto Diaz Since its glorification in Eurobasket, it is now number 1 in the FIBA ​​rankings. The man from Malaga himself, the Hernangómez brothers and the rest of the compatriots, among whom may also be a player from Unikaja Dario Brizuelayou will receive two of the world’s superpowers on the Costa del Sol.

Alberto Diaz and Dario Brizuela, players of Unicaja, won the European League title. fiba


Initially, although it is still being confirmed, The triangle will be opened by Spain and Slovenia on August 11 In a direct duel between Luka Doncic and the Spaniards to re-enact the Olympic Games match. On Saturday, the 12th, it will be the turn to see the showdown with all the NBA stars: United States and Slovenia. While the main dish of red tide will take place Sunday: Spain – United States.

a Ceremony on the occasion of the tenth anniversary It will be the starting point, and the great match between Scarillo’s men and Steve Kerr’s men will be the end point of a trilogy game that will go down in history with Malaga and Martin Carpina as the main stage.

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