So you can transfer your conversations from iOS to Android and back

So you can transfer your conversations from iOS to Android and back

It is now possible to transfer Chats NS Contacts From The WhatsApp of devices iOS a AndroidAnd vice versa without having to resort to other apps or pay.

Before passing the information of . chats and contacts The WhatsApp Among the devices of different systems such as Android and iOS, there was a big problem. To do this, you had to resort to downloading software or downloading third-party apps to be able to do so. However, many have requested payment or registration to be able to do so. So you can only have a copy in the cloud or Drive.

However, those dark days are behind us The WhatsApp He released his new update. It is now possible to transfer chats, contacts, and data from the app itself. The best thing is that it is very easy and fast, and obviously without additional cost or downloads.

Photo: WhatsApp

The only bad news is that this option is only available for Android devices that belong to the Samsung brand. They were the ones who signed the exclusive with The WhatsApp This is an option, so you can only do this if you switch from iPhone to Samsung. But don’t worry, this will only be temporary and then you can do it with any Android 10 device and any iPhone.

How to transfer chats from iOS to Android?

If you have changed your cell phone and have now switched from owning an Android to an iPhone, pay attention. This way, you can pass all your chats, photos, videos, and data from your phone to this conversation.

  1. Enter the Play Store and download the Santa Switch app
  2. Select the WhatsApp data transfer option
  3. Choose the last backup made on the previous phone (preferably make one before performing the transfer)
  4. Record the phone number
  5. Clear the code that appears on the screen
  6. Keep both cell phones unlocked, in the app and close them so that the transfer can be completed

Once this is done, you will not only be able to enjoy not only the chats from the last backup, but also your photos, videos, contacts, and more.

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