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It is used by a total of 3 billion users daily , the browser where you can find any kind of information that interests you. Now, this popular search engine has implemented a 3D interactive periodic table that will be very useful if you are studying chemistry at university or if you have an exam on this important topic.

The only requirements for accessing the periodic table indicated in 3D is internet access and connection from a computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet. It is important to clarify that the table is part of “Experiments with Google”, a website created by Big “G” for artists and programmers to develop AI experiences.

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What this version of the periodic table does is to show you in what year and who discovered the element you selected, its boiling point, melting point, atomic mass, symbol and a short, detailed description of the chemical. It also shows you a 3D graphic representation of the model you selected, which you can pan around 360 degrees.

In addition, the above-mentioned format allows you to group the elements so that you do not get confused, among them: those of alkali metal, alkaline earth metal, transition, post-transition, metal, non-reactive metal, noble gas, actinide lanthanide and last unknown chemical properties .

How to enter the periodic table in 3D

  • It’s simple. sign in to Google Chrome And type in the search bar “Periodic Table”.
  • Now, on the right side you have to click on the image of the periodic table.
  • If nothing appears, you can press To go directly to the platform.

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