SolarWinds: It could take up to 18 months for the US to recover from the massive SolarWinds breakthrough


Piracy SolarWinds It affected many local systems and organizations in United State, In addition to influencing technology companies such as WindowsIntel, Nvidia, and Cisco. The United States government believes that the Russians were behind this massive cyber attack.

Now, the director of CISA, the United States’ Infrastructure and Cybersecurity Agency, Brandon Weil, has informed him that he is taking them to 2022 Completely secure government networks have been hacked by Russian pirates.

The list of affected agencies includes the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of State. Moreover, it will take a long time to understand the extent of this attack more time.

Unnoticed attack

When hackers carry out an attack successfully and for a long time, recovery becomes more complicated because the solution will be rebuilding from scratch.

“I wouldn’t call this simple.”, Wells dice. There are two phases to respond to this incident. There are short-term reform efforts, as we seek to eliminate the opponent from the network, shutting down accounts they control and shutting down entry points the opponent used to access the networks. But given the amount of time I spend inside these networks, for the months, the strategic recovery will take time. ”

The cyber attack breaches trust in specific networks and the data is exposed. Especially if only one system was used by multiple companies and entities, such as SolarWinds, an attack on that specific system allowed hackers to steal identities and gain the ability to impersonate or create apparently legitimate users to gain access to official accounts. Victims.

“Most agencies going through this level of rebuilding will take 12-18 months to ensure they put the appropriate safeguards in place,” says Wells. Technology Review.

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