Thirteen people die in a traffic accident in California


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The accident occurred near the US-Mexico border in an agricultural region near Holtville. At least ten of the dead and several wounded are Mexican citizens. The tragedy struck at dawn when a truck with a trailer collided with a Ford Expedition carrying 25 people, including minors.

At least thirteen people were killed this Tuesday, March 2, on a highway in Holtville, California, in a serious traffic accident between a truck with a trailer and a car that was carrying more passengers than permitted. Although many details are not known about what happened yet, authorities are slowly providing details about the tragedy.

The collision, which occurred near the border between Mexico and the United States, took place at 6:15 am on a low-traffic road. At least ten of the dead were Mexican citizens, as were many of the wounded.

“Unfortunately, consulate officials have confirmed the death of ten Mexicans so far,” Roberto Velasco, director of the Mexican Foreign Ministry in North America, confirmed via Twitter.

According to Watson’s age, Head of Highway Borders DivisionThe ages of the deceased ranged from 20 to 55 years. It also warns that among the victims, the trailer driver, who sustained moderate damage, is a minors under the age of 16.

The car, a Ford Expedition, accommodated eight and was carrying 25 passengers. Watson said it was still too early to tell if the truck was carrying migrants or others who might have crossed from Mexico in the crowded car. The North American authorities are working alongside the Mexican consulate to identify victims and notify their families.

Several of the injured were taken to El Centro Regional Medical Center, Judy Cruz, director of the hospital’s emergency room, said at a press conference posted on Facebook. Three victims were transferred to other hospitals and seven others were transferred to El Centro. One person died in the hospital, according to Cruz.

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