Sports Beyond Sports: The Club Challenge to Seduce Youth


Sports before the entertainment revolution. New forms of entertainment have changed sports forever, and traditional sports have lost the interest of younger generations, who are more interested in esports and sports. the games. Hence, sports brands need to connect with new followers and this happens through Creating narratives that transcend sports. This is the conclusion that came out of the meeting A New Legacy: The Sports Entertainment RevolutionOrganized by ESIC and Interbrand and moderated by Professor of Strategic Marketing Jose Luis Pérez Bla.

In this context, Borja Borrero said, Creative Executive Director Interbrand considers that time barriers have been broken and that this is a challenge for the rest of the brands, so the only solution is to “join the party rather than try to fight it”, “in a proactive and participatory way. New generations consume on demand, when they want and how they want and want to participate”.

“The new generations no longer follow football clubs much and when they do, they follow more, not from the same country,” the manager noted. “the the games It is alluring and builds loyalty at an early age, brands have to come together because there is a lot of potential and we have to interact, be proactive, because the most valuable are those who have a greater affinity with the consumer, proactive and facilitating their participatory role”, analyzed.

He also noted that the new sponsorship brings other values ​​such as “Self-respect, cooperation or creativity” and that they should betransparent and socially responsible.

Along those lines, Sergio Reyes, Director the games and eSports of Startupxplore, implied that “traditional sports may have reached the pinnacle of its audience because video game players don’t care about previous generations” so they insisted on the reality of “the need to create narratives that transcend sports”.

to the executive branch, Income will come from care and rights, Outlay subordinate Publishers, the Commerce, the the tickets or the flow New teams, leagues and games will appear.

For his part, LaLiga eSports coordinator Paco Bermodo emphasized that the entity’s strategy is to “continue to grow, connect young people and show football the way they express themselves”. “One thing is the number of people consuming and the other is how we engage: traditional sports will continue to consume but young people will do it differently, so we had to adapt to the digital environment through projects like eLaLiga Santander or LaLiga Wheels Adapting the product and taking advantage of the local heroes who move the dough“, pointed out.

In addition, he noted that “Conversations no longer happen at the university or at the bar, but on social mediaWhich is why LaLiga chooses its own channels that allow us to be closer to Generation Z. “The numbers prove we’re right; you have a non-exclusive virtual league, and a real league,” he said.

For his part, Eder Diaz, Director of Communications at Movistar Riders, noted that the esports sector “must grow in every way” and that this will happen “with the entry of new brands”. “If the brand does not finish seeing it, it will be hit the hardestAnd Because they will have to understand the work -added-; They will be incorporated within ten years, as a sport generally favored by society.”

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