Sports reality shows you have to watch it on Netflix and that goes way beyond Exatlón All Star

Sports reality shows you have to watch it on Netflix and that goes way beyond Exatlón All Star

Exathlon All Star It is a favorite sports fact for Mexicans, since its first edition it has managed to draw the audience to the elite athletes it has been able to gather over the years, however, in its later seasons, it has been filled with more controversy than athletic competitions. To point out that Azteca TV production has been accused of favoring some competitors that generate more ratings.

All these irregularities caused the public to become increasingly disappointed Exathlon All StarFortunately for everyone who missed out on the sports competition in the first seasons Netflix You have an excellent choice.

As part of its very extensive catalog, Netflix She has many reality shows, but there is one in particular that goes far beyond All star exathlonIn addition, you can have fun anytime wherever you are.

The Netflix Sports Reality Show That Beats Exatlón All Star

Ultimate Beastmaster It is a reality show produced in the United States that premiered in 2017 and has three seasons, all available NetflixEach contestant searches for their place in the final event of the competition.

The show differs from other sports reality shows by showcasing not only the talents of competitors from around the world, but also by producing 6 issues at the same time, as well as representing actors, comedians and athletes as commentators from each of the six contenders. the countries.

The competitionbasicIn each episode, there are 12 contestants, 2 from each country, competing in an obstacle course they callthe monsterThe winner in each circuit is named a Beastmaster. Each of the Beastmasters from all seasons making up the season advances to one final hurdle, becoming Ultimate beastmaster.

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