Stark County movie explores the inequalities between runners and runners


Normal TWP. – Patti Lovell started thinking about life after retiring at the age of 62.

Working as a teacher and librarian was satisfactory. She also has her volunteer work with Girls on the Run of Stark County.

The avid runner has completed several marathons, including Boston, as well as the half marathon.

But the Blaine resident has yet to explore and direct her interest in creative writing. He wrote draft novels but did not seek publication. He has written many draft texts.

“I started writing motion pictures two years ago,” Lovell said. “I think the only thing that really stops anything is putting in the effort to make it happen.

“When you’re 62 and your friends and family die, it definitely motivates you.”

So Lovell embarked on a short film called Miles to Go, inspired by his long-distance running experience where he commented on the inequality between men and women who are re-creating fitness or running competitively.

Lovell worked as a writer, director, and producer.

The nearly nine-minute film ended with a special screening for family and friends on June 10 at the Lincoln Lions Theater in Massillon.

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