Stranger Things actor Joseph Quinn was arrested in the United States and this is why he was rescued

Stranger Things actor Joseph Quinn was arrested in the United States and this is why he was rescued

29-year-old English actor Joseph Quinn, who plays “Eddie Monson” in the hit series “Stranger Things”, has been arrested at the immigration area of ​​a US airport. “I almost didn’t come here for the show Because I was detained at immigration yesterday‘, Quinn said in an interview with Jimmy Fallon. It is worth noting that this British actor was arrested on his trip to attend the Jimmy Fallon Show.

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Similarly, Joseph Quinn recounted: “I got arrested and it’s not so funny. They took me to what looked like a dungeon and made me wait there for 20 minutes.. Then they took me to an office where a police officer asked me: What are you doing in the United States, sir? The actor said he made it clear to immigration authorities that he was visiting the US to go to the Jimmy Fallon program but they didn’t believe him.

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Joseph Quinn spoke about fame after his participation in Stranger Things.

It must be said that “The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon” is the first program with this live interview format attended by Joseph Quinn. “The policeman did not believe me, and one of his companions came up and saw me, then saw him and said: Leave Eddie alone.. Then he asked me who are you? And his companions answered him, it’s Eddie from Stranger Things. The policeman asked me if my character would come back next season and I told him I didn’t know.”

Finally, in this Joseph Quinn debut on The Jimmy Fallon Show The actor gave the driver a “Hellfire Club” shirt. The actor also admitted that the past few months have been wonderful for him because of all the fame he has gained by participating in the fourth season of “Stranger Things.”

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