Stray sheep were rescued in Australia; Woolen cloak weighing more than 35 kg – Uno TV


a Wild sheep It was found on A forest in AustraliaIts similarity to the yeti caused an uproar among the residents. The oveja a slut Who was baptized by rescuers as Barack He was in poor health, according to experts.

Also, the sheep were thick Woolen cloak weighing more than 35 kg, Which accounts for nearly half of an adult kangaroo’s weight.

Who found the homeless sheep?

The sheep was found by a member of the audience who called it Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary near Lansfield, Victoria, About 60 miles north of Melbourne, según Kyle Behrend de la Misión.

“It appears that Barack was once a sheep. At one point they had marks on his ears, but it seems that they were torn apart by the thick wool entangled around his face.”

Kyle Bernd

Kyle Bernd Explain that sheep should be mowed at least once a year to prevent the wool from growing over time and molding Large animal weight It can be dangerous as it is Stray sheep whose wool weighs 35.4 kg.

“Sheep must be mowed at least once a year, otherwise the wool will continue to grow and grow, as it did here.”

Kyle Bernd

According to the expert, the oveja a slut He was underweight because the amount of wool on his face prevented him from feeding The animal’s vision was not the best.

“Even though his helmet was in pretty good shape running on rocks in the woods, he was a bit far away. She was underweight, and due to all the wool around her face, she could barely see.

Kyle Bernd

Barack, Behran said the stray sheep are now settling in with the other sheep rescued on Edgar’s mission, adding that “All this shows how incredibly strong and brave the sheep are and that we couldn’t love them more if we tried.”

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