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The Local Committee of the International Federation of Medical Students Association of the Autonomous University of Queretaro (IFMSA-UAQ), the Executive Committee of Medical Practices (CEPRAMED) and the 2030 State Youth Secretariat Ambassadors (Sejuve), Donaton campaignwhose goal was to strengthen society donation culture ثقافة.

Taking the floor, Dr. Teresa García Gasca, Dean of Umm Al-Qura University, confirmed that this initiative refers to The importance of thinking of the other, To give a little of what you have so someone else can benefit and not necessarily some of the surplus

“We’re talking about a much deeper culture of donation, we’re talking about donating our hair, which, although it may sound simple, it’s not that simple, and then organ donation, stem cells, is a culture we all have to get into. And what’s even better. A way through our students (…) to be replicated in many versions, to continue to do so, to become larger, and to be able to bring together a community that is growing and more committed to helping others,” stressed the Rector.

For his part, Li. Francisco Motta Velasco, Secretary of Youth, emphasized that the mission of this agency is to work and encourage talented young people to participate in projects and initiatives to improve their community.

“I always salute the leadership of participatory youth, young people who dare to promote projects, and that is what this secretariat means, to promote this kind of initiative; counting on Sejuve, working together is success, it is a collaborative way to give something to society and build a better Querétaro, a better country and a world Better; we are moving from the local to the global. And we have to put our grain of sand in any work in order to build a better society and a better country.”

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