Super Bowl LV: Lowest rated in recent years – other sports – sports

Super Bowl LV: Lowest rated in recent years – other sports – sports

Pocaneros defeated Chiefs in Sunday’s match.

Tampa Bay

Brady broadens his legend.

Drawing time

February 9, 2021, 05:21 pm

It wasn’t all pink in the last Super Bowl match, the world-attention event that was won by Buccaneers to the Chiefs.

The NFL Football Final is the most attractive and most watched event in the United States, but the 2021 editionAlthough he followed this rule, he did not have a favorable statistic.

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Super Bowl reached 96.4 million viewers Platforms, which is a good number, but the lowest number since the 2007 competition.

It is said that about 102.3 million people were watching the match of the year the past.

The duel between Tom Brady and Patrick Mahoms has been greatly promoted, but little help So that more people became familiar with the game.

And the break offer didn’t help much either. In 2020 show that Jennifer Lippes and Shakira have toasted around the world, but this time the pop singer The Weeknd was not well received.

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The artist was even criticized by his followers who indicated it They were expecting more of it.


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