SBLV with a stable digital audience; Television is losing its power


In Mexico and the United States, Super Bowl 55 audiences on Open TV left the lowest numbers in 15 years, while digital interaction was the real-time release of brands and fan tastes.

In our country, TUDN reported an audience of 6.27 million viewers, while Azteca TV recorded 5.38 million. In total, 11.65 million people watched Tom Brady defeat Patrick Mahomes (31-9).

According to Nielsen Ibope, the 2021 figure is the fourth lowest in 16 years and 1.3 times lower than the audience peak reached in 2015. SB 2007 among Colts and Bears achieved a similar number.

The downtrend is a wake-up call on US sports television, and the Super Bowl was no exception, dropping to its lowest numbers in 15 years. It was the lowest television viewership since Steelers vs. Seahawks SB with an average of 90.75 million viewers on ABC in 2006. CBS Sports’ broadcasts average for a Tampa Bay victory in Florida averaged 91.6 million viewers, 8% less than Fox broadcasts for Chiefs vs . 49ers last year.

ESPN Deportes’ Spanish coverage averaged 647,000 viewers, according to Nielsen. That’s 15% less than the 757,000 on Fox Deportes last year.

According to Sports Media Watch, the Super Bowl 55 had a TV rating of 38.2, down from 41.6 last year and became the lowest SB rating in 52 years.

Front Office Sports analyzes that one of the many factors that influenced the low crowd was the lack of a match with a closer score. “Sunday’s match practically ended in the third quarter.”

For example, in 2015, the most watched SB in history, with an average of 114.44 million viewers, caused more interest because the Patriots took the title at their last second on Seahawks.

The moment of digital satisfaction

According to data provided by TUDN, the digital platform during the Super Bowl LV produced 6,514 views, making it the most broadcast in this region in 2021, surpassing the 31% transmission with the most views for the 2021 goalkeeper soccer tournament, corresponding to the US match against Atlético San Luis.

“In playoffs, the average gaming rating was 15,000 people, and we’re talking about 1% being the digital part. The platform is important but still complementary to opening up television, and the facility is also an opportunity to put in additional content,” said Alberto Sousa, TUDN General Manager For this newspaper.

Girardo Sordo, CEO of BrandMe, shared with El Economista the patterns of behavior of Super Bowl fans through the NFL Mexico account.

“Twitter was the most used network, but by itself every network had an important link, even snapchat”

Among the most popular concepts throughout the game, Tampa Bay was overtaken by Kansas City, which produced “memes” such as # yadéjalo, # yaestámuerto. SB, in the same way, shows reactions that were more than 90% negative.

Among the brands most mentioned in digital conversations in Mexico, according to BrandMe, were: Budlight, Little Caesar, Dominos, and Pepsico with Doritos, Cheetos, and Ruffles. And the new one is the “Croquettes Winner” brand.

Regarding the digital audience profile, it was 70% men and 30% women. An average of 148 million people “watched at least one piece of the game, although the NFL has yet to confirm the numbers,” with the most people from first half to the end.

For its part, Talkwalker, a social network analysis company, reported that in our country during the match there were more than 319 thousand interactions, 48.6% of which were positive.

Commonly used hashtags (Talkwalker):

#SuperBowl + 3.2K

#SBLV + 1.2 K.

#GoBucs + 1K

#ChiefsKingdom -1K

#HalfTimeShow -1K


Tampa Bay earned 80% of all mentions on social media, meaning over 1.6 million.

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