Taiwan is not Ukraine, neither the United States nor China – the world order

Could Russia’s invasion of Ukraine pave the way for China in Taiwan? The importance of each country to the neighboring power is comparable, and the United States is implicated in both cases. Some even argue that Beijing is watching the Ukraine conflict closely: If the United States does not protect Ukraine, it may not protect Taiwan either, which would encourage China to attack.

But there are also big differences. The United States does not attach equal importance to both conflicts, nor do similar adversaries to Russia and China. Despite the tensions in Europe, the Joe Biden administration has always insisted that its priorities are in Asia. While Taiwan warns that China will increase its pressure, Beijing is clear: According to a foreign ministry spokeswoman, “Taiwan is not Ukraine.”

Two countries demanded by the forces and allies of the United States

There are many similarities between Ukraine and Taiwan: both are claimed by the powers, Russia and China, over which the United States is facing each other. Washington has a military presence in both regions and supports these two countries with arms sales or military aid, but avoids including them with its allies.

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