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We are caught in a current confusion between science and what we say.

These are not the same people who practice science and make it speak. So there is a problem in translation that can turn into betrayal.

Does science not perform the function of silence because the word never ceases to be the intent of the person who receives it, while science wants to be impartial in the face of any imperative?

As always, we must first return to the concepts of the word between knowledge, science, and knowledge.

Knowledge is an endless process that produces only temporary facts that can be questioned and refuted. It is the engine of the world or the engine of the curious.

On the other hand, knowledge claims to be true and is always on the verge of becoming dogma.

Science is a subtle mixture of knowledge and added knowledge, a method that has an inner rigor that cannot be reduced, under the weight of abandonment of knowledge.

From Nietzsche and his work: the monster knows Published in 1882, we can say that knowledge is not necessarily related to the search for truth, but rather an expression of the vital impulse that Nietzsche calls the will to power and we can call it sexual desire if we follow Freud’s thinking.

Likewise, Nietzsche points out that what establishes knowledge is not truth, but morality, i.e. the establishment of a standard of good reasoning to channel or even break vital energy.

How do you relate its philosophical elements to the concrete life of our time, which we might call the post-pandemic era?

Science has long been invoked to legitimize a social practice when it is not producing knowledge, but is in the process of knowing. However, this was not the process suggested by the speakers, but rather an extensive knowledge of the ethics of good and evil.

We conclude with a useful little warning in this period from High Wiki:

If you hear from a world an expression of knowledge that leads you to the moral of good thinking and good behavior, escape from this false world at once.


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