Real Madrid and a “solidarity exercise” with Barcelona


Real Madrid proved to be a supportive team on Sunday. Solidarity with Barcelona that he threw his head one day after the Barcelona disaster at the Wanda Metropolitano who lost badly in his visit to Espanyol, in a stadium where he barely gave up a draw and defeat in his previous 12 visits and which he made. He turned up, after a year of absence, with all the numbers for a new and expected victory.

Real Madrid’s Koeman team sympathized with Barca to complete an unfortunate performance, which started with good sense but suffered from disability once Raul de Thomas scored the first goal before reaching 20 minutes of play. All the supremacy that Meringue could have imagined waned from there, carrying the weight of football and in control, yes…but with something that didn’t exist, comfortable as Espanyol had never imagined.

Florentino Pérez was in solidarity with Joan Laporta, forming a team without great opponents. Joined at the last minute by Camavinga in signing Like the Future because he is insecure, which leaves Benzema once again as almost the only attacking leader and to whom he has added chrome David Alaba to take, presumably, the place of Sergio Ramos and Raphael Varane. The Austrian, a reference footballer to explain Bayern Munich’s successes, has a long past to an uncertain present.

We will see if the future passes or passes through the Bernabéu with the same importance that Patrick Jonas Anderson played at Barcelona two decades ago, arriving at the Camp Nou as a seasoned but brilliant defender from Bayern Munich who has played barely 31 games for Barcelona. During the three seasons to go in absolute silence.

Espanyol, who have barely won a game since the start of the season, which was starting to shake and went four games without scoring, gave a real lesson to the great Real Madrid. A lesson in intensity, speed, solidarity and perseverance. While Ancelotti’s fights were reduced to one-on-one fights, Vicente Moreno’s fights did not deviate from the script at any point and the prize for some was punishment for others.

He was able to beat the Real, yes. Two goals were disallowed and he had minutes of a continuous siege of Diego Lopez’s area, but this siege never delivered a sense of footballing supremacy. Even less, and perhaps more serious, the urgency of raising the mark

negative. Alex Vidal’s photo of Nacho in the 2-0 match almost summed up the whole truth of the game: some are desperate to be something; The other is submissive and without any anger.

Real Madrid have not tied three matches without a win since January, when, after their 0-0 draw in Pamplona against Osasuna, they lost (2-1) to Athletic in their first Spanish Super Cup and mocked El Quiano (2-1). In the King’s Cup after that. And if this is a surprise, the situation is not much better today, considering the shameful 0-1 result that Sherif Moldova knocked out of the Bernabeu in the Champions League, before collapsing in Barcelona against Espanyol.

Real Madrid’s solidarity with Barcelona presents La Liga with an unimaginable scenario in mid-August. If the catapult confirms that Atlético Madrid, the current champion, is the favorite to win the title for the first time since 1951 for the second consecutive season, it also opens the door to imagine a tournament more open than in past years that even teams such as Seville, Villarreal Or, who knows, Real Sociedad has arrests for joining the fight.

Madrid and Barcelona. Some are bad and some are worse?

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