Tatiana Klother to Economia and Gallia Borga to Banxico


President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador reported five changes to his government, a few days after he served in the presidency for two years.

Rep. Tatiana Clausher, who was the coordinator of the presidential campaign in 2018, has arrived at the Economy Ministry to replace Graciela Marquez Cullen who will be leaving to be part of the board of directors of the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INGE).

On Monday, the president said at his conference: “Next year, I must present a proposal for the presidency of Angie, and the purpose is for there to be a representative associated with our government in Engi.”

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The position of Marquis Cullen must be approved by the Senate.

The President said that Marquis Cullen did a very good job at the head of the Economy Ministry, but his change is due to constant renewal in order that he always has a social vision in public administration.

The Union Treasurer, Gallia Borja Gómez, has been nominated for the position of Deputy Governor of the Bank of Mexico.

Borja Gomez was compensated Elvira Conchero, Doctor of Sociology from UNAM. The charge must be approved by the House of Representatives.

Highland Captain Anna Laura Lopez Bautista arrives at the General Coordination of the Ports and the Navy. She replaced Rosa Aisela Rodriguez, who was appointed Minister of Security.

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