Teachers cross from Reynosa to the US to receive a coronavirus vaccine


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The Reynosa teachers and other municipalities in Tamaulipas borders received today covid-19 vaccine, doses donated by the United States authorities after the administration of Mayor Carlos Peña Ortiz. The teachers crossed into the neighboring country in buses loaned by the municipal government.

The mayor indicated that the vaccination program against Covid-19 began on Monday, as More than 300 teachers from Reynosa and neighboring municipalities have been vaccinated in Hidalgo, Texas.

I thank the elders, health authorities, and companies in our neighboring country that have supported us in making vaccine administration possible for our faculty. We recognize that teachers are an important pillar in society for a return to normal life, so we continue to work together for the well-being of all.”

The teachers took buses and went to the Reynosa-Hidalgo Bridge to cross into the United States Receiving a vaccine from Johnson and Johnson PharmaceuticalsAlthough the mayor, when he gave the vaccination announcement a few weeks ago, said it could also be from Pfizer or Moderna.

Ready for Christmas

On the way back, the teachers joked with the mayor, who was told they were ready for the inn.

“Will there be a hostel?” , “Chief, we are ready for the pillow personally,” “Will it be there or not?”

The mayor replied that he would only be there for teachers who had been vaccinated and then asked them if everyone was okay, he even continued the joke and told them to check their arm to see if the metal did not hit them, as happened in some videos that were circulated. on social media.

“Is everyone okay? It’s okay in your arms? Check to see if the spoon doesn’t stick, it won’t.”

Carlos Peña indicated that he hopes that more teachers will join this program which is being achieved with the support of mayors on the American side, so that classes can resume in the best possible way and as soon as possible.


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