Viral photo | A desperate ad for a flower shop in the United States offers a job for “whoever attends” | French tulips | Andrei Abramov | stories


French Tulips is a flower shop located in the Noe Valley neighborhood of San Francisco (United State) This is causing a stir on social networks such as Facebook. All to advertise that you are offering a job ‘Who is going forward’.

The reason for the need for staff

in conversation with Andrei Abramov, the owner of the flower shop, said that he and his girlfriend are currently the only workers in the shop. Since they both work all day and every day, they need employees to help them.

according to Narration From the guy, two people previously worked in the flower shop, but decided to leave: one retired and the other opened his own shop. As a result, Andrei put a banner in his work. “We hire anyone who applies”, you read. “At the moment we accept anyone who wants to learn and stay with us”, confirmed.

Inflation in the United States

In America there is a shortage of labor. As a result of the increase in the prices of groceries etc, many people in the country are looking for jobs with better wages, benefits and working conditions.

In fact, recently a case Kendall family (a city in North Texas), which will get free milk for a year after its members voiced concerns in a video about increasing groceries prices.

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