Ten Aesthetic Medicine Institutions have been suspended in the SLP

Ten Aesthetic Medicine Institutions have been suspended in the SLP

The State Committee for the Protection against Health Risks (COEPRIS) permanently monitors and sanitary controls the clinics in which aesthetic medicine activities are carried out, as well as those institutions that offer population procedures for aesthetics in a non-surgical way. Body and weight shorthand.

Permanently reviewed: cosmetic clinics, including health spas, where reductionist massages are offered, obesity clinics where gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy operations are performed, as well as clinics where liposuction, liposuction and tummy tuck operations are performed, and medical offices for alternative medicine such as Technical acupuncture used for weight control, as well as offices where aesthetic medicine and anti-aging activities such as Botox application, microdermabrasion, facial fillers, etc. are performed. Finally, the mobile surgical units.

During the year 2022, COEPRIS carried out a total of 99 health checks for the same number of establishments, which led to the suspension of the activities of 10 establishments for lack of operation notice or health license, and the infrastructure does not comply with what has been implemented and in favor of activities carried out by untrained or certified personnel. Products such as 4 beauty devices, 750 vials for mesotherapy, 10.8 kilograms of incorrectly labeled cosmetics and 11 breast implants that were not in an authorized location were also seized.

Based on the public health law and in order not to endanger the health of the population, all procedures related to changing or correcting the shape or shape of different areas or areas of the face and body must be carried out in doctors’ institutions or units. He holds a health license and by doctors specializing in plastic surgery, holding a valid certificate issued by the College of Plastic Surgeons.

In those establishments where non-surgical cosmetic or weight control treatments are offered, residents must note that they have a notice of operation issued by COEPRIS, in these establishments they must not perform surgeries, and the equipment used in cosmetics must have a health record and brochures In Spanish, supplies must provide health records and labels in Spanish, and nutritionists must not prescribe medications for weight control or apply mesotherapy (application of injectable medications for weight control).

It is recommended for residents who plan to undergo plastic surgery or weight loss treatment, whether by a cosmetic or non-surgical procedure, to check the following: that the staff have documents proving their studies and certificates, and that the institution has a health license in sight in the case of plastic surgery, or notice of the operation If it is a non-surgical procedure.

In infrastructure and equipment, it is essential to verify that the surgery area is separate from the consultation area, with restricted access, and free of all contamination; Operating rooms should have specific and defined areas such as the operating room, dressing rooms and transit areas. COEPRIS invites residents to submit their health complaints by e-mail [email protected], by phone 85 92 444 811 or through our Facebook page @CoeprisSanLuisPotosi.

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