The 11 most beautiful banknotes in the world: there is one Argentine and it is sold among coin collectors


If there is something special Argentine Peso It is a combination of colors that can be achieved with its different banknotes, which They range from orange ($1,000), green ($500), light blue ($200), purple ($100) and blue ($50) While it also stands out for containing images of Plants, animals and prceres of the country.

But this is not the only creative banknote in circulation, As there are many countries that have chosen creative and non-traditional options when designing their national currencies. With this in mind, the site moderately I made a list of some of the most beautiful bills in the world.

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Chilean Uganda

The first on the list is shillings from Uganda, a coin whose design is frequently influenced depending on who rules the country and whose last change occurred in May 2020 – when it was decided to focus on the country’s national heritage -. So far it has many nominations which have been decorated with Ugandan mats, country map, Nile River and Independence Monument., among other things.

Shilling de Uganda.

Ringgit de Malacia

Despite having a strange name, the ringgit from Malaysia It is one of the most beautiful coins in the world in terms of its colors and meaning. It happens that the design itself was created by the project Visions 2020 Introduced in 1991, which set out to return the country to a prosperous power by 2020, with the six denominations reflecting this vision through images of various industries and economic symbols. These include the Kuala Lumpur Tower, a Boeing 777 of Malaysia Airlines and the Kelana Jaya Rail Transit..

Riggit from Malaysia.

RAND Corporation of South Africa

The Rand from Südfrica It is presented from the start as much more than a simple ticket. King South African Central Bank It ensures that it “not only serves as a means of payment, but is also a window into the country, its people, its heritage and its culture.” In total, there are five different castes, each with one of the five major animals of Africa: rhinoceros, elephant, lion, buffalo, and leopard.. In addition, it features colors that seek to represent the country’s industries, while the striking detail is that it all has a portrait of Nelson Mandela on its back.


The Canadian dollar, more specifically the ten dollar bill, It was chosen in 2018 as the best in the whole world, mainly because its main theme is social justice that characterizes the North American country so much. But the most interesting thing about these banknotes is not their colors or designs, but the fact that they are all made of Synthetic polyester – It is more environmental and durable than traditional banknotes – makes this currency more attractive.

Dlar from Canada.

Swiss Franc

On the other hand, the Swiss Franc It’s also a banknote that tends to grab the attention of people who don’t normally use it normally, with its special design showing hands making different gestures –Something that many consider as an artistic touch to the banknote that is used in both Switzerland How do Liechtenstein-.

Swiss Franc.

The full list: Where is Argentina?

With all this in mind, the complete list of moderately Includes a total of 11 banknotes hanging as the most beautiful banknotes in the world, with The Argentine Peso Occupying the sixth place.

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The full list is as follows:

  1. Real from Brazil.
  2. Shilling de Uganda.
  3. Malaysian ringgit.
  4. Mexico weight.
  5. South African Rand.
  6. Argentine peso.
  7. India rupee.
  8. Naira de Nigeria.
  9. Dollar De Canad.
  10. Swiss Franc.
  11. Lempira from Honduras.

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