The American Auto Union criticizes General Motors for its investment in Mexico


General Motors said Thursday it will invest more than $ 1 billion in its facilities in Ramos Arezzibi, in the Mexican state of Coahuila, to boost production of electric cars.

According to GM, the investment will “allow the opening of a new paint plant with innovative technology that will begin operations in June 2021” and will also prepare for expansion of assembly plants and global propulsion systems, making the Ramos Arizpe complex the fifth production center for electric vehicles at GM in North America.

In his statement, Dates considered that GM cars sold in the United States should be built by workers from that country, not Mexico.

The unionist argued, “The taxpayer money should not go to companies using labor outside of the United States while benefiting from subsidies from the US government.”

“This is not the United States that we support. It really is not appropriate,” he added.

Democratic Congresswoman Debbie Dingle, a Michigan lawmaker, also criticized GM’s decision to invest $ 1 billion in Mexico to produce electric cars destined for the United States.

“No US dollar should support moving our jobs to Mexico, especially when we have the workers and technology to produce the best cars of the future locally. GM needs to reassert its commitment to American working families,” said the Congresswoman.

About 50 thousand GM employees strike in the United States

General Motors is accelerating its transformation to produce new electric models more quickly. The company has committed to launching at least 30 electric cars by 2025, in which it will invest $ 27 billion.

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