The best food cities in the US according to a survey

The United States has a wide gastronomic diversityAnd the But there are some countries that stand out from the rest due to their choices and seasoning. The possibilities seem limitless and range from fast food, such as hamburgers and hot dogs, to Italian and Latin food. Because there is a wide food suppliesWithout the help of the list, it can be hard to find the best ones. For this reason, you can browse below Top 10 cities for culinary topicsto visit the North American country.

Yelp, a tool for recommending and reviewing, I set out to find the best food deals in every cityFrom the smallest cities to the big cities. by scanning Small towns, big flavor, I found the best gastronomic destinations.

“To name this year’s top US destinations for foodies, our data science team looked at the cities with the highest restaurant ratings from outsiders, then took a look at what visitors enjoyed. They loved it on Yelp. We limited this year’s list to cities with the lowest It has a population of about 250 thousand and that is a must see food scene.”

1. Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville won first place thanks to its exemplary dishes.” city ​​mountainMany of its restaurants combine the flavors of the south of the country with the flavors of Appalachian Mountains. From the latter derives the name of its food.

Mountain food from Cúrate

2. Hawaiian Islands

Yelp users rated this site as the number two Meat-based foods are the most delicious. This city’s specialty is pork kalua, mahi mahi, as well as coconut shrimp and fish tacos.

Seafood Restaurant Lava Lava Beach Club
Seafood Restaurant Lava Lava Beach Club

3. San Luis Obispo, California.

in San Luis Obispo There are many institutions that have innovated And now they have thousands of tourists in love. Their standout options are triple sided sandwiches and bread bowls.

4. Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina

There are many restaurants here that people have chosen, that’s actually They have a wide tasting repertoire to choose from. Among the most recommended dishes are sea dishes and some fast food.

SmacNally's Style Shrimp
SmacNally’s Style Shrimp

5. Bend Redmond, Oregon

What’s most noticeable about this Oregon town isn’t its menus, but Five-star breweries and cider houses. There are different places where you can taste food.

Beer from GoodLife Brewing
Beer from GoodLife Brewing

6. Charleston, South Carolina

Many food companies in Charleston are rated on Yelp because of their diversity.

Watermelon salad with some pepper and dressing from Jackrabbit Filly
Watermelon salad with some pepper and dressing from Jackrabbit Filly

7. Wilmington, North Carolina

North Carolina appears again on the list, with A very famous destination with its beaches And for typical food

Shrimp Pasta from Cape Fear Seafood
Shrimp Pasta from Cape Fear Seafood

8. Boise, Idaho

Chefs Dan Ansotegui and Khatra Shams are the James Beard Award nominees. The The restaurants they lead are among the most popular.

Sunshine Spice Bakery & Café Diverse
Sunshine Spice Bakery & Café Diverse

9. Santa Fe, New Mexico

Indigenous food is prevalent in Santa Fe. Which is why some of the top-rated restaurants by Yelp users are Pantry and The Shed.

Rancheros eggs from The Shed
Rancheros eggs from The Shed

10. Savannah, Ga.

Finally, Savannah is a prime destination for those who want to explore food. Although there is no specific traditional food, there are There are many institutions that are widely recommended by diners.

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