The Bolivian film “Los de Abajo” won the Malaga Festival award بجائزة

The Bolivian film “Los de Abajo” won the Malaga Festival award بجائزة

Sanfic Industria, the training and promotion agency for the Santiago de Chile International Film Festival aimed at professionals and new generations of the audiovisual medium, awarded the Bolivian film “Los debajo”, the first work of Alejandro Quiroga of Tari and starring the famous actor Fernando Arze Eclaar.

In this way, the film, produced by Empatía Cinema, obtained direct permission for WIPP in Mafiz, an industrial space in the Malaga Festival. This is the second time that the film has been selected for participation in the Spanish festival. The first was in development and this time in post-production.

“Los Dibago,” which is expected to be released in the next four months, follows a story based on relationships and tales from the same director’s family, but the vast majority of it fiction. The film was shot in the community area of ​​Rosillas, Valle de Concepción, Santa Ana and the metropolitan area of ​​Tarija. In addition, the film touches on the topic of immigration.

“Grégorio, a peasant from the town of Rosías, decided to restore the water that an Argentine landowner in the local community had diverted from his farm, in a plot of land with the mayor of the town. In this attempt, he has to confront the laziness of the people and the socio-economic power of the high command.

The film has also received other awards such as Best Project in the Bolivia Laboratory (2014) and Best Screenplay (2015), the Eduardo Aparoa Award (2017), and the Iber Media Fund for Co-Production of the Film (2018), among others.

Actors Ignacio Ruíz, Luis Bredow, Daniel Larrazabal and Argentine César Bordón are part of the cast.

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