The cat rings his doorbell and the video spreads quickly


Madrid. The surveillance camera at the entrance to the house captured the moment when a smart cat rings the bell with its paw to open the door.

The cat called CrotonShe lives with Sarah Lindsay, its owner, who learns that if her pet touches the doorbell and makes it ring, she has no choice but to see whoever knocks the door and opens it to let him in.

The pictures were recorded on January 9, during one of the times Croton began to ring the doorbell to open it. After Sara suspects that she might be her cat, she decides to capture the comedic moment when her cat has done everything she learned.

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This is not the first time that cats have demonstrated their intelligence. at Youtube You can find a series of videos of cats ringing their doorbells waiting to open.

Last December, another video recorded by Jimmy Dunn, a resident of Sitka, went viral. Alaska, Which recorded the moment his cat, Winston, rang the bell with its paw, and as it unfolded, began to trepan.

Suddenly, the kitten freaked out when he heard Jimmy’s voice over the intercom, saying, “Winston, I’m coming for you.”


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