In Colombia, a 14-year-old girl confronts thieves with a machete


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The face of a 14-year-old Colombian girl With a machete, a thief wanted to assault Her family’s stationery shop, south of the capital, Bogota, where her two-year-old sister was also present.

Mother of minors I amTry to prevent criminals from entering, Who went directly to a cash register to steal money; However, the thief hit her with a firearm to prevent her from blocking access to the shop and opening the gate.

Then, the 14-year-old took the scythe and encountered the robbers, who ended up bouncing off the cuts and blows they had received. The mother was wounded by a firearm, although not dangerous, but the thief could not take the money.

The young woman confirmed the news Snail TV And that they did not try to steal his mother’s work “neither the first time nor the second” and that “it was going around in his head that if something happened, take the scythe and hit them.”

Her mother added that she feared the worst since the thief crushed her with a firearm over her head several times, with a bullet fired at the end.

The woman added: “My daughters were the first thing I thought about, in addition to that when I see that the man throws himself on her, yes, as the saying goes … one killed their children.”


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