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Franco Baresi, polls put him between fourth and fifth in voter preference, and his entire campaign was from social networks.

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Liberal candidate for the presidency of Chile Franco Baresi is one of the seven candidates measured this Sunday in the general election who Campaign launched from Alabama, southern United StatesYou won’t vote because you haven’t changed your address.

The 54-year-old Paris People’s Party presidential candidate has advanced Your entire campaign on social media, while the The local press has exposed various problems with the Chilean justice system due to alleged fraud and non-payment of alimony of two minor children in Chile.

Chilean electoral law allows for voting abroad, but Baresi did not complete the procedure required to register at the country’s consulate. On the electoral register, she appears to be registered at the polling table in the municipality of La Reina, in Santiago.

He also did not travel to Chile as planned after this was reported He has contracted coronavirus and due to restrictions he will not be in the country on Sunday. On the day he came in second in New Zealand, behind left-wing MP Gabriel Borich.

In an interview with Diario Financiero de Chile newspaper, he said he may have been injured during Halloween celebrations in the United States, “because that day is too hot here” or in the preparations for his trip to Chile.

This is the second presidential election in Paris. After receiving fourth place in the 2013 elections.

But this time, he never set foot in the country and actually preached from Alabama, whereHe has been living since mid-2020 with his second wife and son, Which sparked ridicule and criticism in the country and among the other six contenders for the presidency.

As a result of his troubles with justice, a court order weighs on Baresi preventing him from leaving the South American country.

“Another obstacle”, Baresi said in a video posted when he announced that he had COVID-19. (I)

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