Apple US Ranking: Top 10 songs with the most copies today, Sunday, November 21


What do you think is that The most streamed song in the US?

Apple is famous for offering you The best music of yesterday and today. So we invite you to read Ratings of the top 10 titles in popularity lists. Listeners call them favorites and do nothing but positively comment on the offer of this service. flow.

1. easy for me

Adele’s tone has taken a place among the favourites at the moment. Therefore, it remains in first place.

2. My God

If we talk about dear audiences, we should mention Adele. Perhaps this is the reason for the appearance of “Oh My God” in classification Straight into second place.

3. my little love

Adele’s latest single is already looming large as a new classic. Today, “My Little Love” steadily enters the list of the most listened to songs on this platform flow.

4. drink wine

With a positive lead of 1, Adele’s “I Drink Wine” continues to make its way into the charts. Today it is in fourth place. Will it continue to rise, or will this be the end of its rise?

5. Strangers by nature

Reaping success is synonymous with Adele. Therefore, it is not surprising that his new production, called “Strangers By Nature”, debuted in fifth place at that time. Who else can boast of getting so many first entry views?

6. cry from your heart

Adele’s Cry Your Heart Out song has been a huge hit among users of this platform. Today it is still in sixth place.

7. to be loved

To Be Loved premieres today in this classification. Adele’s crushing hit gives a lot to talk about. Attractive, perfect, she has so much potential… what more could you ask for than a song?

8. can i have it

Adele’s latest Can I Get It release goes straight to number eight on our favorites list. Will you rank first in the preferences?

9. Knife Talk (feat. 21 Savage and Pat Project)

Drake’s Knife Talk (feat. 21 Savage & Project Pat) sells like hot cakes. It goes from 13th yesterday to 9th today. Thus it becomes a winning tune that cannot be missed in classification actual.

10. cling to

“Hold On”, performed by Adele, is still at number ten on the list.

Do you already know what the platform is with Best Music Show? Apple of course!

Your goal is for users to learn about your songs with the highest popularity ratings in the United States. Thus, they will spend more hours in contact with flow.

Tune in to their channels to stay up-to-date with the best in this country and beyond.

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