The Church in Mexico joins the bishops of the United States in fasting and praying to end abortion as a right

The Church in Mexico joins the bishops of the United States in fasting and praying to end abortion as a right

After a draft of the United States Supreme Court would overturn the 1973 ruling in Roe v. Wade, who decided at the time that the decision to have an abortion was protected by the North American Constitution, The Archdiocese of Mexico called for the episcopacy of that country, praying and fasting, to ask God to reverse the law allowing abortion in that nation..

The Archdiocese of Mexico said it was surprised by the fact that the Supreme Court in that country was preparing such a ruling “which would overturn this misinterpretation of human rights,” as well as from the leak of The project that will have the support of at least 5 ministers from the court, which will guarantee a majority.

For the church responsible for Cardinal Carlos Aguiar Ritz, the leak of the US court’s draft ruling would seek to pressure judges to refrain from taking Historic decision.

He pointed out that for this reason as Catholics “we can strengthen fasting and keep this intention in mind in our prayers, So that judges have the strength and courage to formally reverse the sentence that killed millions of innocent people.”

Sentence importance

Without neglecting that it is a leak and not an official document, the Archdiocese of Mexico considered that the reaction of politicians, columnists, pro-abortion associations and correspondents, who immediately They condemned the meaning of the sentence, claiming a “regression of rights”.

In this sense, he explained that in the draft ruling of the United States Court, abortion was recognized a matter of moral depthTherefore, the constitution cannot protect it as a human right.

Added in practice Each state of the United States will be allowed to decide Whether or not they freely penalize abortions, of course states will not be obligated to pay for abortions with public resources.

He warned that this decision “will become A turning point in human historybecause the issue was promoted more vigorously by the eugenics agenda after the second half of the twentieth century, all under the pretext of the “sexual revolution” and described as a right that should be recognized by all countries.

But now its truth will be revealed: ideological agenda to get rid of which he sought to impose in laws and culture. The precedent would mean internationally that abortion should not be considered a right.

Support point for Mexico

The diocese of the capital has also indicated that In Mexico, the nation’s Supreme Court of Justice is about to discuss the issue of protecting human life againwhere there are still unconstitutional measures, pending a decision, regarding the protection of human life from pregnancy.

He expressed confidence that this legal precedent could be seen from the United States, “a country that has always raised its respect for freedoms”, Adding Elements of Analysis for Mexican Court Ministers It concludes with sentences favorable to the human being.

Recognizing the human right to life from its inception cannot violate the rights of women; On the contrary, it strengthens in the legal structure and in the cultural context, the tools of protection for all forms of life, especially at this time in our country when the lives of young girls were tragically cut short for various reasons, causing this. So much discontent and social pain.”

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