US visa | The US Embassy announced changes to the process – America – International

US visa |  The US Embassy announced changes to the process – America – International

The US Embassy announced, through a broadcast on its social networks, that it had overcome flaws on its website, which made it difficult to schedule dates for the visa process.

We had some technical issues with our appointment system however we are happy to announce that these issues have been resolved and now everyone eligible for the visa process without an interview can schedule an appointment to leave their passport with us for processing.Explanation of the Vice Consul, Aaron.

Thus, those under the age of 14, those over the age of 79 who need to renew their visas that are still valid or that have expired in the past 48 months, can apply for a visa without an interview, leaving only their documents at the embassy.

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But according to the vice consul:We currently process visas without interviews for nearly all visa categories, including B1 and B2 visas, which are visas for tourist and business travel to the United States.Only those interested should be aware of the port of the embassy.

Appointments are available for B1 and B2 visas within two years.

In the case of renewal, the vice consul explained that it is the same process to apply for any visa, “that is, just go to the website, and the system will ask you some questions and tell you if you are eligible for the no-interview process.”

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If you qualify for the process without an interview, once you submit the paperwork, you will have to wait three to four months to receive your visa. But the deputy consul confirmed that they are working so that the process takes only three weeks.

On the other side, Regarding the appointment of appointments for B1 and B2 visa interviews, the embassy member explained that the waiting period is two years. “Sometimes there are appointments available and I think people who are waiting for appointments should check out our page to see if we have included more appointments.“, He expressed.

He added that the fact that you already have a particular summons doesn’t mean you can’t check the webpage constantly, because doing so won’t cancel the current appointment.

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For student visas, exchange or work visas, appointments are available within a month. However, if you have a special situation that requires you to travel to a North American country urgently, there are priority dates.

We have identified some priority assignments for those experiencing emergencies“For example, for medical treatment, a home disaster, or a family member with a complex health condition,” Aaron explained.

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If you are going to process your appointment for the first time, you must go to the Embassy’s website, enter your information, fill out the form, pay $160 (648,974 COP at today’s exchange rate) for the process and wait for an appointment to be set.

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