The “Ciudad Ciencia” workshop brings the citizens of Valdepeñas closer to their ancestors

The “Ciudad Ciencia” workshop brings the citizens of Valdepeñas closer to their ancestors

On Thursday, the La Confianza Cultural Center hosted the Ciudad Ciencia workshop “Getting to know our ancestors through their tools”, in which students from various educational centers and the general public participated throughout the day.

An activity in which the participants showed a group of archaeological replicas that they manipulated and experienced directly, in addition to the various tools used by our ancestors, which were made from raw materials common at this time in history, such as stone, bone, antler or wood.

Valdipeñas joined Ciudad Ciencia 10 years ago, education consultant Antonio Antoniaa explained, a scholarly publishing program of the Supreme Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) that aims to inform residents of cities far from large urban centers firsthand, scientifically. and technology news. “There is no doubt that if there is something a human being possesses it is the ability to learn, but no less important is the ability to learn than the ability to transfer the knowledge gained,” Antonia said, noting that “this is what makes CSIC, with its sensitive and manipulative workshop across History to know how we lived, how we worked and the tools we used.

The workshop was presented by Juan F. Gibaga, Researcher at the Instituto Mela y Fontanales (IMF, CSIC) and the Spanish School of History and Archeology in Rome (EEHAR, CSIC) and Gerard Remolens of Regirarocs.

Remolens noted that researchers “have the task of not only investigating but also bringing knowledge closer to citizens, so that they can interact with that knowledge. We use archeology and prehistory as a pretext to talk about current issues such as immigration and gender equality or solidarity, which we believe allows with a context for reflection and opinion.”

Activity participants put themselves in the shoes of an archaeologist conducting a virtual excavation and documented each of the finds they made. Plus the ability to manipulate replicas of artifacts.

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