According to Hollywood’s most sought-after psychiatrist, these 7 keys will help you improve your life

According to Hollywood’s most sought-after psychiatrist, these 7 keys will help you improve your life

Now that everyone has lost their fear We talk about mental health And that there is a lot of accessibility Insights into the human mindAnd Netflix performances in his documentary Stutz An original look at how to deal with mental problems. in the confrontation between the actor Jonah Hill (Walt Street Wolf) and the famous psychotherapist Phil Stutzthe audiovisual giant managed to change the traditional Doctor-patient perspective. Jonah Hill has been a patient of Stutz for years and Stutz is one of the experts Hollywood’s Most Wanted. What could it have been The query to use Where the patient explains his problems and the doctor contributes He listens And his advice, become a Touching conversation between two people who, as such, lives under the same ruin Pain, uncertainty or fear. according to New York times,” a film that deftly navigates in They areclever ideas and art.”

Mental health from another perspective

Stutz usually works with white cards on which he draws pictures that express ideas.

During this delicious conversationwhich reveals the healing power of Human relationshipsThe doctor and the patient seem to erase the boundaries of their traditional territories to give us a powerful reality like the one all human beings need Healing soul wounds. Throughout the conversation between Phil Stutz and Jonah Hill, the expert removes celebrity keys The way you made him famous years ago which he published, along with Barry MichaelsIn 2012: The Method: Tools that will activate your inner power to change your life (Ed. Grigalbo). Both are known in Hollywood to have actors, screenwriters, and film producers as patients. Among them is Jonah Hill, who had to overcome pain and anxiety At the most difficult stage of his cinematic career. In the documentary, he tells his therapist, “In the end, my life has improved dramatically by working with you.” With this film, the actor wants to show the audience his Keys and techniques This way with discovering the person behind this celebrity A 75-year-old psychiatrist with Parkinson’s disease.

Keys to the Stutz method

Jonah Hill has been Stutz’s patient for years, and Stutz is one of Hollywood’s most sought-after experts.

As shown Stutz In the documentary, people come to his office and say to him, “I have depressionI’m messy, lazy, human waste, I don’t have incentivizeI don’t know what to do with my life….” For the expert, the first thing these people need is not to find the purpose of their life but to Reclaim your life force. For Stutz, vital force was inspired by the famous pyramid Maslow’s pyramid.

at the base of everything body careThat we should prioritize everything else when we feel bad. “I tell them, forget about looking for a passion in your life, because at this moment your only goal is to strengthen your body. 85% of your focus should be on feed you wellAnd Sleeps And Do the exercisesDon’t think about anything else, it doesn’t matter if the rest of your life is a disaster. This is first. My patients do this, and in just one week, they’re already seeing progress.”

“When you get depressed, you disconnect from people, you disappear, you cut yourself off from your life. Human relationships We are fists — like when you climb a mountain — to bring you back to life,” Stutz explains, and you have to iniciative take“Don’t expect others to do that. Invite someone to drink coffee. Even if you don’t feel like it and think it would be too boring, you will see that it affects you in a positive way as well. Because this person represents all of humanity.”

Once found physical and social balanceIt’s time to focus on yourself. To do this, you need to call your subconscious. Because no one knows what’s out there until you find it. To do this, he recommends writing: “It’s magic. It doesn’t matter if you write badly. V.I note Things you didn’t know existed appear.”

Let’s talk about pain, your dark side and your delusions

It doesn’t matter if you type it wrong. Stuff comes out of a magazine you didn’t know existed, Stutz says.Netflix

From being three forces determine Your life force And who are you? Stutz addresses other important concepts in his method such as:

  1. The importance of realizing that Pain, uncertainty and constant work They are part of human life. We can only deny any of them We get to know them in our lives And learn to deal with it non-stop. It is the last element that will allow us to deal with the first two.
  2. recognize our Part X is the next step. We all have one dark zone that It prevents changethat keeps us from moving forward. “We can only defeat her once in a while, but she will come back. You have to live with it. If we want to remove it Part XThere will be no human progress,” explains the expert. The key to happiness is “learning to love the process of fighting” without getting caught Labyrinth of memoriesshocks, etc.
  3. pearl necklace Life is like a necklace with different stones. Some will have a dark spot and incomplete, but we can always improve the following case. Stutz suggests “radical acceptance”. “Get the positive out of everything. This will give you strength and wisdom for your next ‘pearl’.”
  4. Finally, Stutz talks about “world of illusion”It is a place or situation that we all focus on perfection: perfect job, perfect partner, perfect home… However, it is nothing more than an illusion, all this brings us suffering. Thinking like this is like looking at a picture with more Likes From Instagram: It’s pretty, but it’s not real.

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