The Commonwealth accepts the founding of Gabon and Togo

The United Nations Association (UK Parliament) approved in Kigali, where the Twenty-sixth Summit of Heads of Government is being held, including Gabon s Togo For this international organization, announced the President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame.

“We have recognized Gabon and Togo as new members and warmly welcome them to the Commonwealth family,” the Rwandan president said in his closing address at the Heads of Government Summit.

After the merger of these two African countries, the number of countries that are part of the Commonwealth – one of the oldest and largest political unions of states in the world – rose to 56.

The last time the Commonwealth accepted (establishment) a new member was in 2009, when this organization (accepted) the Federation of Rwanda.

Togo (former German and French colony), Gabon (former French colony), Rwanda (former German and Belgian colony), and Mozambique (former Portuguese colony) are the only Commonwealth members that do not have historical ties to the British Empire.

Togo, located in West Africa and with access to the Atlantic Ocean, has a population of about eight million people and its economy is largely based on agriculture and phosphate extraction – it stands out as the fourth largest producer of this substance in the world.

Gabon, which also has access to the Atlantic Ocean, has a population of about 2.2 million and is the fifth largest oil producer in Africa, according to the World Bank. 85% of its territory is covered with forests. EFE

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