The conflict between Russia and Ukraine: US sanctions against Putin will “destroy” relations


Russia warned today what sanctioning President Vladimir put it in Personally it wouldn’t hurt him, but it would be.”politically devastating”, after US President Joe Biden said that he would consider this measure in the event of a Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Ukraine: Russia’s impressive power show on the border, what is the US doing?

The Five Keys to Understanding the Conflict between Russia and Ukraine: What’s at stake for the United States and Europe

On Tuesday, the United States emphasized that there is a growing rapprochement with the European Union Impose harsh financial sanctions on Russia In the event of the invasion of Ukraine. and accuracyBiden referred to personal sanctions on Putin, although it would be an unusual measure.

the Individual sanctions against Putin Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, who earlier warned that It would amount to a diplomatic rupture.

Biden does not rule out sanctions against Putin, not just Russia

altitudes Russian leaders are legally prohibited from owning assets, property, and bank accounts abroadWhich calls into question what sanctions American officials are considering against Putin.

Diplomacy and Business

Meanwhile, top political advisors in Russia and Ukraine, as well as their counterparts in Berlin and Paris, confirm Today’s talks in the French capital to resolve the conflict.

and a group of High-ranking Italian businessmen began to hold a virtual meeting with Putin, Although the government of Rome urged not to hold it.

These are the heads of some of the largest Italian companies, such as Pirelli, Generali and UniCredit, The meeting is to address the “possibilities Continue to expand relations between businessmen of both countriesThe Kremlin said.

Plan B for power supply

At the moment, there is another issue on the minds of Western leaders, energy and How does Europe guarantee its supplies in the event of an armed conflict in Ukraine This prompted Russia to cut off gas supplies to Europe.

Washington was already running With key passes and Energy producing companies From all over the world around the possible Divert supplies to Europe. What was confirmed today is that Biden receives next Monday To the Emir of Qatar, Tamim bin Hamad al Zani. Qatar is one of the main suppliers of liquefied gas.

The White House said the meeting would allow it Addressing “the stability of global energy supplies“Yes”Strengthening trade and investment cooperation between the United States and Qatar, among other things.

Europe receives more than 40% of its natural gas from Russia, A third of Russian gas passes through Ukraine. For its part, three-quarters of production Gas from Qatar reaches Asian countries With a shortage of energy supply, such as Japan or South Korea.

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