The electrical system is returning to normal in Texas

Austin– Texas power grid operators said on Friday that the electrical system was back to normal for the first time since a winter storm left more than 4 million customers without power. Bill Magnus, chair of the Texas Electricity Reliability Board, says the grid once again has enough capacity to supply power across the grid.

As electricity and heat returned to Texas homes, water problems persisted and cities continued to call for boiling water and fixing plumbing faults. More than 190,000 Texas homes and businesses have lost power, compared to 3 million damaged two days ago.

Winter storms also caused more than 330,000 people to fall from Virginia to Louisiana and about 71,000 in Oregon.

Snow and ice moved to the Appalachian Mountains, northern Maryland and southern Pennsylvania, and later to the northeast. The severe weather was responsible for the deaths of at least 58 people, and an increasing number of people died trying to keep warm.

And in the city of Abilene, west of Texas, authorities said six people died from the cold, including a 60-year-old man who was found dead in his very cold bed at home. In the Houston area, a family died of carbon monoxide while their car was parked in their garage.

Acting FEMA Director Bob Fenton said Friday that work crews were in Texas with fuel, water, blankets and other supplies. “What worries me the most? It ensures that people stay warm,” said Dan Woodvin, director of system operations, while urging people without heating to go to a shelter. Periodic blackouts in Texas could return if electricity demand increases as people restore energy and heat .

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