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Chloe Sheldon He Eight year old girl what was Expelled from the Christian school Who studied it, because he said to be In love with a partner.

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Her story was spread widely after Dylan Sheldon, the girl’s mother, spoke about the expulsion of her daughter CNN.

The youngest was on the backyard of Rejoice Christian School in Owasso, Oklahoma, when she said she was in love with one of her classmates. She was escorted to the principal’s office, where she was told that the women were They can only have children with one man.

Chloe received full support from her mother after she was fired for saying she was in love with her partner (Image: KATU News)

After a while, Chloe’s mother came and said she was questioned about her daughter’s comment. Delaine said she was raising her two children to love freely, without judgment.

The girl’s comment earned her a comment for a few days, before the school tells her mother that both Chloe and her brother have been expelled from school. The reason is that Shilton’s beliefs did not coincide with those of Rejoice Christian School.

Chloe’s mother claims that the school principal refused to meet her to discuss the decision to expel her children.

She recounted that the minor asked her if God still loved her and asked if there was a “mistake” in the feelings she expressed.

The story attracted such attention as Chole received more than 100 letters of support from all over the United States, from which she took comfort in these difficult times.

Now, Chloe will start studying at another school and is excited about this new adventure.

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