Viral: Aerobics teacher captures “by chance” the coup in Myanmar


As a woman was practicing her routine training and broadcasting it live to her followers outside in Naypidu, the capital of Myanmar, a group of military vehicles suddenly appeared behind her on their way to Parliament.

According to a Twitter user Embed a Tweet, Who identifies himself as Angel Marads, a political scientist graduated from the University of Salamanca, the video was posted on Burmese Facebook account.

Marad even shared the video with another user who is an expert in video editing concluded that it was real, although it couldn’t be supported by additional sources.

Myanmar’s armed forces launched a coup on Monday and arrested prominent political figures, including Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi, dealing a major blow to the country’s important and irregular progress toward democracy, which was achieved after five decades of military rule.

The military television channel, Mayawadi, announced that the Armed Forces will rule the country for a year. He stated that this measure was necessary because the government did not take any action on the fraud allegations raised after the November elections (in which Suu Kyi’s ruling party won a majority of parliamentary seats at stake) and because that government convened for that election despite the coronavirus epidemic.


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