The hopeful message from Fernando Alonso at the US Grand Prix: “It’s going to be complicated, but…”


Fernando Alonso does not have, at the moment, The best possible weekend in America. asturian Did he complete some great free workouts, In qualifying, his job was to climb on Esteban Ocon so that he’s at least one alpine in Q3. Reason, Your reward for changing the engine This would make him come out in 19th place.

“We weren’t able to compete here, So it was better to change Driving on this path Alonso confirms.

Fernando, despite everything, is excited and thinks he can even score: “The points here will be tough, but we will try. We have a lot of tires booked.”

“You can overtake here. If there is no ‘safety car’, it can be difficult, but Let’s go ahead” Fernando exposes.

In words on DAZN, he explains his plan to qualify: “The task was to pass Q1 and Esteban helped Ocon usher in Q3. narrow “.

And yes, that almost didn’t happen. Alpine stealth game It was great, but in the end, Yuki Tsunoda’s AlphaTauri took them out of their sleep from Q3.

So Alonso will launch his fourth power unit in Austin. Fernando will be punished, like Bottas, Russell and Vettel, But the Asturian also shows other pieces that he must take a penalty for the first time.

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