The I Regenera Integrative Medicine online summit exceeds 6,000 registered from 93 countries


Madrid, May 6. (Europe Press) –

More than 6000 health professionals from 93 countries have already registered for Regenera’s I Online Integrative Medicine Summit, which will be held from May 20-23. Organizers hope to reach 40,000 people.

Over the course of three days, a total of 16 experts will present the latest advances in autoimmunity, gastrointestinal diseases such as small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) or ‘Helicobacter pylori’, fertility, acute stress, and individual and systemic emotional therapy.

Regenera, a company that treats patients through clinical neuroimmunology, has decided to hold the first Integrative Medicine Online Summit with the aim of “spreading valuable scientific content among all health professionals, whether they are doctors, nurses, physical therapists, psychologists or Gynecologists, ”explained Regenera co-founder and CEO David Vargas.

Regenera specialists claim to have discovered in recent years a “growing interest” in integrative medicine, which is an interdisciplinary field that delves into the origins of diseases from interactions between the nervous, endocrine and immune systems, as well as habits of life and the environment. In this sense, David Vargas argues that there has been a “change of mindset” both in the population and in health professionals, and women were “the first to incorporate a cross-sectional approach to therapy.”

As he points out, the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic has also led to a boom in integrative medicine, as residents start to “worry about taking care of themselves and hearing what their body has to say.” David Vargas added: “Before people went to the doctor when they got sick, now more and more people started seeing warning signs before then and asking about them.”

Currently, Regenera Clinics have a waiting list and 70% of visits are made remotely. Most patients have gastrointestinal problems, tension, insomnia, muscle pain, allergies, and intolerance. According to the founder of Regenera, “In recent years, many diseases have appeared in these areas, which have many symptoms in common.”

For this specialist, integrative medicine poses many challenges, including that “all scientific studies that normally take 15 years to reach the general public can do so sooner, bearing in mind that there must be sufficient scientific literature and rigor to apply in Street – patient level. “

In this sense, he explained, for example, intermittent fasting “where there are multiple articles and studies published in major scientific journals that recommend it, but still a large part of the medical world does not think about this change and recommend it.” 5 to 7 meals per day Today, when there is strong scientific evidence that this is not recommended for a healthy life. ” He concluded, “One of the biggest challenges that integrative medicine faces is providing this scientific content to all health professionals who rely on ancient scientific literature for their treatments.”

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