The independent CTA rejected an invitation by the US embassy and denounced “political and economic interference”.

The independent CTA rejected an invitation by the US embassy and denounced “political and economic interference”.

for a month, Mark Stanley, the active US ambassador in Buenos Aires, collected photos and exchanged views face to face with trade unionists. CGT leadership passed with Paul Moyano Despite the inflammatory act against “multinational corporations”, as well Kirchnerist CTAwith Hugo Yasuke s Robert Berdell. But there was a trade union that refused the invitation and preferred not to attend Palacio Bosch. It’s about extension Independent CTAwhich leads to Hugo Godoy s Richard Peter.

The ambassador invited us and thanked him. We’ve relayed that at the moment we won’t be attending, Godoy said in an interview with Radio Zónica+. Subsequently, he argued the reasons for the refusal: “There is a very strong attack by the Ambassador and General of the Southern Command stating that Argentina should create a new political alliance, expressing the interest of the United States in the manufacture of lithium, Guaraní aquifer and oil and gas. We cannot verify the validity of this The political and economic interference they want to impose on us They impose their interests on us through the International Monetary Fund“.

Godoy is alongside the independent chair of CTA, ATE’s national reference. Today, the leadership of the Federation of the State will outline a plan for the struggle with the historic Konado to reject the “Masa adjustment” and to press for the promotion of parity in the sector.

ATE has approximately 290,000 subsidiaries spread across 24 provinces of the country. It operates a fund of approximately $2.5 billion annually and prides itself on having the ability to influence the normal operation of the 830 hospitals and municipalities it represents. However, his firepower has been tempered after the defection of Central de Trabagadores Argentinos (CTA) in 2011, an internal dispute that still shows no signs of resolution. Godoy rules in almost all departments, although he is not in the federal capital, where Daniel Catalano, Kirchner’s leader, is located, nor in Santa Fe and Neuquen.

A month ago I was with the ambassador. I never in my life imagined that I would be at the US Embassy, ​​but they told me that they had given an essential role to the labor movement in the United States and we went to speak. The truth surprised us, he is much more Perroni than many of us. “It highlights the social and labor function that unions perform in the United States,” Pablo Moyano said last week on public television. The second man of the truck drivers attended the Stanley meeting with Carlos Acuña (Service Stations) and Hector Dyer (Health), fellow CGT Driving Trilogy, and with Andres Rodriguez (UPCN) and Gerardo Martinez (Uocra).

Leading the CGT with US Ambassador, Mark Stanley

Moyano’s visit to the embassy drew attention because several US-owned companies are often the target of his questions. On August 17, for example, he accused the Argentine Business Association (AEA), which includes the country’s most powerful companies, of promoting an “institutional coup against the government.”

After visiting the CGT, attendance took place with Hugo Yasky and Roberto Baradel, from CTA closer to Kirchnerism. left newspaper He pointed out against Sotiba’s attorney: “Syboyism in Sepoy: While Teachers Fight, Bradell and Yaskee Meet Mark Stanley,” titled.

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