The little sisters need money to buy medicine to treat their rare skin disease | First Impact Shows

The little sisters need money to buy medicine to treat their rare skin disease |  First Impact Shows

Two little sisters, povertyIt prevents the family from payingtreatment that canGet rid of his torment, EricaBoras witnessed thisSad situation.Aria: Astrid Maribel Consuelato his four-year-old sister,Which at a young age he could not achieveUnderstand the evil he suffersTwo girls gave birthSkin Diseasespread throughout the bodyPerhaps the one you hit the mostis younger thanShe has a natural look.What do you ask God for?This heals meI was sad to see themsick.Erika: Because of that evilThe pain must stopa job.Makes me faint as ifme to a muscle spasm or,Erica: The ultimate dreamThis way you will be able to arrive one dayto school altogethercorrect.The two sistersHe is very afraid of what will happenBy her looks, but AstridMake sure you don’t careCritics nor the badcomments.To everyone’s surprise, AstridHe asked what desire he had for himin the depths of his heart.What do you want for you and for youMy mom?Medicine to heal me.I want to healErica: We takeMy little sisters parents with aspecialist to give usDiagnosing what took overfor girls.The size you have is notcorresponds to her agehe have. It was a problemConical, and salvaging requires atracking.Erica: To add insult to injuryParents are also presentFeeding problems, all of themFamily must ownA series of tests and thenFollow the treatmentextreme povertyIt is impossible to confront itInvoices.Seeing my girls there hurts me,I ask God and sayLord, have mercy on me.Erica: Parents don’t thinkWhat could happen to themThey only ask GodHelp heal your daughters.Michelle: If you need helpFor these little sisters and their two sonsparents who need it most,Please leave the phonethat appears on your screen

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